Learn a little bit more about the two individuals behind Rupert on the Road!


Where are you from?

Robyn: I grew up in a tiny village in Aberdeenshire (Scotland). It was a beautiful place to grow up. Currently I am loving living in Melbourne 🙂

Carolyn: I spent my childhood in a small town close to Dundee (also in Scotland). At the age of 9 my family moved to Singapore and I stayed there till University. I am currently living in Melbourne. 

At the top of Mount Maunganui

What are you up to at the moment?

Carolyn: I am studying Graphic Design in Melbourne at Shillington college. It’s a 3 month, full time course and so far I am loving it.

Robyn: I’m working pretty hard on building our blog, creating YouTube videos and getting some cool pictures for our Instagram account. That doesn’t (yet) pay the bills so I am also working as a bicycle food delivery cyclist in Melbourne!! 

What camera do you use?

We take our pictures and film our YouTube content on a Canon G7X Mark ii. His name is Patrick and he’s super cool.

We are looking into a Sony A7s Mark ii or a Canon 5D Mark iv for the future!

More New Zealand beauty!

Did you go to university?

Yip, we both went to the University of Stirling in Scotland #bleedgreen

What editing program do you use for your videos?

Premier Pro

Rupert near fox glacier

Who are you favourite YouTubers?

Carolyn: Ben Brown and Casey Neistat

Robyn: I like Ben and Casey too but I also love to watch Rose and Rosie

Who is Rupert?

That cute we guy above. He doesn’t really feature often but he’s a cute travel companion… a little heavy though…

jumping for joy in Queenstown

Why do you have a fitness section on your blog?

We both are passionate about sport and fitness. We weight train regularly and used to play football. Robyn is also a qualified personal trainer.

Checking out marina bay sands in Singapore