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The 8 most Instagrammable places in New Zealand

We all know New Zealand is a beautiful country. Dramatic mountains, a gorgeous coastline, the bluest lakes you will EVER see. But where are these photos taken? Let us guide you to 8 wonderful locations in New Zealand. All photos were shot on our Canon G7X Mark ii, his name is Patrick and he's a bit of a legend.

1. Roy’s Peak

We are going to start with the place, that we believe, has the most breath taking views in the whole of New Zealand, Roy’s Peak. From the car park it’s a hard 3 hour vertical slog to the viewing platform with a view that makes you jump for joy! However don’t stop there. You have to reach the summit to really appreciate the unreal 360 degree views.

2. Mount Maunganui

This is definitely one of our favourite places on the North Island. It’s a steep climb but it only takes 30-45 minutes to reach the summit. From the top you get a great view of the peninsula and the Pacific Ocean meaning it is not only the steep climb that leaves you breathless!

3. Lake Tekapo

One of the bluest lakes you will ever see anywhere due to rock flour created by surrounding glaciers. With beautiful lupin flowers on the shore, Lake Tekapo really is gorgeous. Tekapo also has the darkest sky in the whole of New Zealand so budding photographers can shoot night and day!

4. The Wanaka Tree

Also known as ‘the lone tree of Wanaka,’ this beautiful tree will reappear constantly on your Instagram feed. It is very impressive and the Southern Alps act as an incredible backdrop to all these photos.

5. Mount Taranaki

This is one impressive looking volcano! No other hills surround Mount Taranaki so it makes the volcano look even more impressive. Make sure you take the trip to the west coast of the North Island to see this spectacular sight.

6. Milford Sound

It’s a long drive from Queenstown to Milford Sound but the views you get on the drive and once you arrive at the destination are well worth the hours in the car. Try and plan your trip for a clear day so you can really appreciate how spectacular the Sound is!

7. Cathedral Cove

It’s an easy 45 minute walk from the car park to Cathedral Cove and what a gorgeous spot this is. Located on the popular Coromandel Peninsula Cathedral Cove should not be missed. Pack a picnic and make a day of it, you’ll want to spend a few hours on the beach.

8. Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

With the tallest mountain in New Zealand, at 3724m, this national park is impressive. If you head to check out the Tasman Glacier and Lake make sure you take in the view of the whole valley. It looks awesome!

So there you have it, 8 places in New Zealand you absolutely can’t miss! But remember New Zealand has so many beautiful sights that every corner you turn you’ll find something pretty spectacular!

Finally, take a look at our final New Zealand vlog!!

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  1. New Zealand is so beautiful! I spent two happy years there and my heart simultaneously hurts and feels joyful looking at your photos. I’ve got great memories of all of these places. I totally agree that these are stunning locations to snap some photos and have a great time.

  2. I’ve heard New Zealand is just impossibly beautiful and you sure have found some great photo spots! New Zealand is on our list and I’m pinning this as a go to list of places we definitely need to visit – and snap photos! Love!

  3. New Zealand is at the very top of my travel list! I cannot wait to see it in person, your photos make me very excited to plan my trip! Happy Travels 🙂 Pinned this to my ever-growing bucket list board!

  4. Stunning pictures! It’s really likely that I will go to New Zealand next year for a working holiday (still debating between Canada and NZ), so I hope I will see these amazing places myself fairly soon. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know it’s pretty easy to get a working holiday visa for NZ however I can see you dilemma as Canada is next on my list!!!

  5. Aw man I miss New Zealand so much! This post is awesome, these are some really beautiful spots. We did Roy’s Peak at sunrise and my god it was hard! But the view was breathtaking.

  6. I can’t WAIT to see it in person. My friend just moved there and I’m still holding out hope that I can visit. It is just such a long/expensive trip from Europe. But seriously, those photos make me want to hope on a plane now!

  7. Haha guilty of sharing photos of at least three of these spots on my social media in the past! Some I am yet to get to despite living in Wellington, I really need to see more of my backyard!

  8. Thank you for consolidating these photogenic spots! Definitely wanting to visit all of them. Pinned for later when we plan to visit NZ late this year! This makes me excited! 🙂

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