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The land of the Long… Flat White? A Search for New Zealand’s Best Coffee

New Zealand may be thousands of miles away from Austria where Cappuccinos originated and Italy where Lattes were first created, but the Kiwi’s pioneered their very own coffee phenomenon in the 1980’s with the introduction of the Flat White (the Australian’s also claim credit for the flat white). The Flat White vaulted the county into a new era full of coffee connoisseurs. In fact the growth in this industry has created huge numbers of coffee roasters and independent coffee shops that are spread across both the North and South Island. Our three-month road trip very quickly turned into a search for the tastiest coffee New Zealand had to offer!

So there you have it 7 AMAZING coffee shops to choose from in New Zealand. Once you leave this gorgeous country you’ll realise how spoilt your coffee tastebuds were!

Our 7 favourite coffee shops in New Zealand:

1)  The Secret Garden – Waihi Beach

A Balinese inspired garden with beautiful wooden structures and bean bags centred around ‘the pod’, where they serve smoothies and healthy food as well as Allpress coffee. The atmosphere is incredible, as is the coffee!


2)  The Bach – Mount Maunganui

In the centre of the beautiful Mount Maunganui, The Bach serves a rich, strong blend from Atomic coffee roasters which was truly wonderful. To top it off, the breakfasts were some of the best we had the fortune of coming across in New Zealand!


3)  Tees Street Café – Oamaru

Serving Coffee from coffee supreme roasters, Tees Street Café is a beautifully decorated, lively café situated in the historically rich Oamaru. Both the town and the café are well worth a visit!


5)  C1 Espresso – Christchurch

C1 Espresso is widely regarded as the most iconic café in Christchurch. Since the Canterbury earthquakes destroyed the original café, C1 has moved into an old post office building in the central city. In addition to amazing coffee, the café has a system of tubes that deliver your burger and fries to your table at 140km/h. To top off your C1 experience there are speakers that play Harry Potter audiobooks in the toilets on a loop. It is a truly unforgettable café.

6)  Fat Dog Café – Rotorua

Fat Dog Café situated in the centre of Rotorua is a lively, quirky café that not only serves an exceptional flat white but also has a breakfast menu to die for (picture on left). Serving huge portions of French toast, pancakes and waffles, Fat Dog is the best way to start any morning in Rotorua!


7)  A Mouse Called Bean – Christchurch

In the heart of Christchurch, Re:Start mall lies full of containers filled with beautiful boutique shops, cafes and food trucks. In one of these containers is ‘A Mouse Called Bean’. The coffee was some of the best we had in New Zealand and the staff were lovely, we made sure this was a daily stop while we were in the city!

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  1. not a coffee drinker but like how you land out the best shops for coffee lovers. it seems like a lot of places including NZ have their own brand.

  2. I had no idea the flat white originated in NZ (thought it was Australia)! I just love how they artfully decorate the froth – coffee art!

  3. I didn’t know the flat white was from NZ. Actually I thought it was an Aussie invention :p Will definitely put these on the list for my next visit.

  4. Oh I love searching for new coffee places. My only gripe with Kiwi coffee is the overly dark roast that they seem to favour.
    Such a great list and next time I’m in Kiwi land I’ll be looking for these.

  5. I think it would be great if you also added the address to each of these places in case people want to visit based on your recommendation!

  6. I had no idea about the history of the flat white, even though I’ve drank my fair share of them. Highly entertaining article and will definately be adding some of these cafes to my list of places to hit up when I get around to visiting NZ!

  7. I absolutely LOVED how snobby the kiwis were about their coffee when I visited! I happen to be a coffee fiend and coming from the states it’s hard because “starbucks” is considered “the best espresso” and dunkin donuts is considered “good”, in general. Pinned this to my “I have a thing with coffee” board on Pinterest because I love coffee so much I would have a whole board dedicated to it! I hope to check out some of your fave spots on my next trip!

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