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How to find Pori Pori Waterhole, Tauranga!

Pori Pori waterhole is a great place to hangout, swim and jump off cliffs! The falls are located just off State Highway 29 in Tauranga and we spent a fun afternoon investigating the waterfalls and jumping into the deep pools. This blog post is a step by step guide to help you reach the waterholes! 

Step 1

Located close to State Highway 29 on the way to McLaren Falls (also worth a visit). You can park your car on the right hand side of Poripori Road.

Step 2

From the small gravel carpark head back down the road until you spot a little path down to the river. You’ll have to do a bit of scrambling over tree routes on your way down to the water.

Step 3

Cross the river at the shallowest point. Downstream and upstream from the crossing point (below picture) we did see some people swimming. It’s a pretty cool spot but I would recommend the short walk to the other waterholes. Warning, this stream crossing is VERY slippy, I may have taken a tumble!!!

Step 4

Walk across the flat rock and you will find a path that takes you into the bush. Follow this path. It is pretty narrow and there’s some fallen branches along it so you need to do a little ducking and diving.

Step 5

The path will run out and you’ll end up on some more rocks and find you will have to scramble along these so you can reach the waterholes. If it’s a nice day there will more than likely be other people there so by this point you’ll hear them!

Step 6

Make your way down to the waterholes! There is another stream crossing on your way down and a couple of pretty impressive waterfalls. There are a number of flat rocks for you to lie out on and enjoy watching others do crazy backflips off the cliffs!


The water is deep but there are rocks close to the edge at a number of the cliffs. If you haven’t checked how deep the bottom is or where the rocks are don’t jump (wait for someone else to jump first… kidding). We aren’t liable for any slips, trips or injuries!!

Have a great day. It is an awesome spot. Take a look at our YouTube video to see the fun we had at the waterholes (Pori Pori waterholes starts at 5.08)

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