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I have a working holiday visa for New Zealand… Should I move to Queenstown?

New Zealand is a fantastic country for travellers to explore and make cash while doing so. With opportunities in both farming, hospitality and tourism there certainly isn’t a short supply of jobs for travellers. Is Queenstown the best place to go? 

Queenstown is located on New Zealand’s South Island and is known for it’s beautiful scenery and adrenaline sports. The town is bustling with travellers and every second building in the town centre is selling different adrenaline sports. It is beautiful, busy and expensive.

So should you spend time working in this busy town? I suggest it depends on what type of experience you are looking for. Queenstown is an exciting place that never gets quiet. Pubs and clubs are open late and there are plenty of travellers around to keep you company. Personally I found Queenstown a little bit like freshers week at University. There are people from all over the world looking to make new friends, working during the day and then heading out at night to spend their hard earned cash.

It’s fun for sure but I didn’t find myself longing to stay there for a huge length of time. Queenstown is a bubble. A bubble for travellers looking to enjoy themselves but it wasn’t the typical chilled out, laid back New Zealand atmosphere that we have come to love. If you are looking for a fun energetic place with the opportunity to meet other travellers then Queenstown is the place for you.

Top Tips

  • Do not let the line at Fergburger put you off. The burgers from this place are unreal. The staff also manage the numbers of people looking for New Zealand’s most delicious burger really well!
  • Adrenaline activities are expensive! If you are looking to do a bungy jump or a skydive in Queenstown go to ‘bookme’ well in advance and get yourself a good deal
  • If you have a car head to ‘Pac N Save’ in Frankton (10 minute drive) for your grocery shopping. It’s a lot cheaper than the ‘FreshChoice’ in the town centre.
  • If you are staying in Queenstown and looking for a nearby adventure head to Wanaka (more info here) via the Crown Range. The mountains surrounding Wanaka rival those of Queenstown itself!
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