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How do you stay fit while travelling?

When travelling it can be difficult to stay physically fit and active. You go from plane to plane, change time zones, long hours in the car or hop on and off of buses. This can make it hard to get into a consistent exercise routine. It is also sometimes difficult to find the motivation to exercise. When there are so many things you’d rather do or see jumping on a treadmill is the last thing you want to do.

This is quite a difficult one for me as back in Scotland when working in a gym I had a consistent routine, weight training around 4-5 times a week. It was very easy to turn physical exercise and training into a habit when it was the place I worked and spent most of my time. 

Luckily for us New Zealand is a playground for outdoor activities meaning it is relatively easy to stay active while we travel. Sure there is no consistent gym routine, which I do miss, but it’s not too difficult to keep moving.

Tips to stay fit while travelling:

Turn view points into your daily run: We’ve done this a few times while travelling around New Zealand. The green and blue lakes in Rotorua are a top tourist attraction. Instead of going to the car park and having a look around or a short walk around part of the lakes we took the chance to do a run instead. You can take in the beautiful views and get your heart rate up. Win.

FREE GYMS: I probably shouldn’t be shouting about this one but I’m sure a number of other tourists do this too… There are a few fitness chains here in New Zealand and a lot of them do free 3 day, 5 day or some do 1 week trials. We’ve trailed a number of gyms now without paying a penny. Great for those who are moving to different locations every few days… 

Walk, walk walk: Some of the best views in New Zealand take a little time to get to. For example Roy’s Peak in Wanaka takes between 5-7 hours (depending on fitness levels) but the views are incredible and you will be burning calories for days after climbing the steep hill.

At the moment I wouldn’t say I am in the best physical condition I have ever been as it is difficult to stay consistent when on the road. Pretty soon I am sure I will crave a new physical goal but for now my priority is travel and my exercise regime is tailored to that.

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  1. Stunning views! Who needs a gym?! That final ridge looked a little narrow – well done Robyn! Wouldn’t want to be walking that in bad weather…xxx

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