Travelling releases your inner child!

I sat grasping for inspiration for this blog post as I stared at the Air Hockey table Carolyn and I had been playing on for the last 30 minutes. We won’t talk about who won. It then hit me how travelling for the past 6 weeks in Singapore and NZ has given me a chance to forget about having adult responsibilities.

I can imagine that most of you are all cursing me as you read that last sentence. “Adult responsibilities. It’s called growing up!” But let me try to explain.

2016 has been a tremendously busy and stressful year. I had continuously been working 60 plus hour weeks as I juggled a job and finishing off a master of philosophy degree. I know many others who do the same, juggling so many responsibilities that they forget to have fun (I guess a very first world problem). Every morning I would wake up and all I could think about was the mountain of work facing me. Not to mention the number of coffees I would have to drink to get through them all. Task after task would run through my head until I would leap out of bed in a nervous frenzy. I wouldn’t have breakfast until I had written or edited enough of my work to deserve my meal. I would then wolf my food down because a lot of time could be wasted eating, there was too much to do. Having fun was always last on the agenda. 

Over the past three days in Tauranga I really got in indulge in being a kid again. We climbed a mountain and took selfies at the top, went bouncing at a trampoline park until our lungs ached and explored a forest while searching for beautiful waterfalls. There was even time for two different ice cream shop visits. At this moment in time I couldn’t be more content. I know with a slight heavy heart that adult responsibilities will once again come, but for now I will spend my days being a kid once again. I hope through our videos we can give others a laugh at our childish antics. 

Top tips for Exploring Tauranga and Mt. Maunganui on a budget. 

  • Climb the mount! You can climb up to the summit via a couple of different paths. We climbed up the mount one day and walked around it on another day. You get awesome views doing both of these walks. It takes around 30 minutes to walk up the mount, depending on walking speed (we kept stopping to take pictures). 
  • On a rainy day head to FlipOut (http://www.flipout.co.nz/flip-out-indoor-trampoline-arena-tauranga-tauriko/). We had kids running around us (who were much better than we were) and still had a blast. I would recommend this to anyone who has the ability to bounce! It is $15 for adults for the hour or $12 for students. Trust me it is worth it and you’ll have no need to exercise again that day! 
  • Search for waterfalls. There are tonnes of incredible waterfalls in the area including McLaren falls which is a top tourist attraction. If you want to go somewhere a little quieter and with a longer walk, head to Otanewainuku falls where you can park your car and complete an hour walk through the forest to the falls. 

Robyn 🙂 

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