When Plans Change

Has our bike tour gone to plan? Absolutely not. Are we still enjoying ourselves along the way? Absolutely.

A dream of both of ours has been to cycle New Zealand. We’ve spent a long time saving for this trip and many hours reading our way through information about New Zealand’s cycle trails, roads to avoid, cheap campgrounds to stay in and how much equipment we should carry for the tour. It’s been a dream yes. Will it be our reality? Sadly not.

With multiple problems with both of our bikes, limited funds and a time schedule that’s not gone to plan our dream to cycle the length of New Zealand has been put on hold. When you don’t achieve a goal of course there is disappointment, both of us are gutted that this is a challenge we will not get to complete. However, it would be ridiculous to let that get us down. I hope from the videos so far we have shown how beautiful the North Island of New Zealand is. Our plans have changed and so has our enthusiasm for a different type of trip.

Tomorrow we are going to get a bus to the Bay of Islands, an absolutely stunning tourist hotspot. A few days there to enjoy being tourists rather than cycling between bike shops. After that, the plan is to go back to Auckland and see how much money we can get back for our “bikes”… Wish us luck!!

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  1. Sorry to hear it’s not gone to plan but you’re still having an adventure, even if it’s not the one you expected! Life is like that – you look back and realise doors wouldn’t have opened if it hadn’t taken those twists and turns. Looking forward to reading all about your next adventures. Stay safe X

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