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Pedals, Pretty Important…

The start of our adventure… just not the way we pictured it.

The past couple of days have been a challenge. It’s difficult to complain when you are in such a beautiful place, but our tour has not gone quite as smoothly as hoped. We were delayed in Auckland for an extra couple of days due to bicycle maintenance issues and an exciting DVT scare. Still better than the dreaded 9-5 right?

On Saturday morning at 7.45am we negotiated our way through the deserted streets of Auckland and hopped onto the Inter City bus to take us to Kaitaia! After a 6 and a half hour bus journey with a transfer at Kerikeri, onto a smaller bus with a trailer, we arrived in Kaitaia. The time had come for our first cycle on the dreaded highway one. We were lucky, the roads were flat and the wind was behind us. We felt optimistic about travelling with all our kit.

On Sunday morning we were both ready to start our adventure however, one of our bicycles had other plans…

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  1. Good to see your spirits are still high even in the face of adversity, and also good to hear that people are happy to try and help out. xxx

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